Was down at the Wessex we were DAGDAing in,

When i first met this bloke with a mischievious grin,

Tall and lanky and long haired and thin,

I could see at a glance, there’s a good soul in that skin.


Some beers were supped and we enjoyed a smoke,

A ciggie for me and something else for this bloke,

An intro, a hug and a laugh and a joke,

More people like this and for the world there’s some hope.


We met up again at Wickedywitch camp,

As funny as always, the lovable scamp,

The weather was nasty, all soggy and damp,

The marquee blew down for lack of a clamp!


He bought a cool top, those magikal sleeves,

The wind, it was blowing the grass and the leaves,

Rik’s not with us today, i still can’t believe,

One big family, we miss him, we the bereaved.


rest well in the summerland my friend. blessed be.


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