Curious child

The little boy comes running to the man in the chair,

“Grampa,Grampa,what’s that picture by there?

All those men dressed in green, with very short hair?

Please tell me Grampa, tell me what, when and where?”


The man puts down his teacup and elbows on knees leans,

“Long ago that was, my sunshine, I was young, fit and keen.

When me and my friends, we all worked for the Queen,

The Sappers and Miners. All big, strong and supreme.


Strangers at first but soon became as brothers,

From all over they came, all sons of their mothers.

A unique group of blokes, like none any or others,

The Apple of the eye and pride of their fathers.”


The little boy looks up “But now you’re much older,

Your hair is all grey and your hands are so colder.”

“And a bit wiser, my boy, but not so much bolder,

But in my heart I’m still twenty and always a soldier!”


Rich 2016




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